About Us


Who We Are & What Drives Us:


Welcome to XIBUZZ Technology accessories store. We like gaming and being productive. We hope you do the same. Our purpose is to lower your time and cost to find good technology accessories that will improve your device connectivity, gaming experience, reduce cost and of course enriched lifestyle. We hope you find what you are looking for here. Keep looking!

XIBUZZ(www.xibuzz.com) is a website of our company called XIBUZZ LLC. We are a fast growing company dealing in the area of Communication devices, Scientific Instrumentation, Data Transfer, Computer  and Home Accessories and Gaming

Why did we start this company?

Our purpose is to create and provide interfaces  and tools that will drastically simplify human life and improve productivity exponentially.  We also believe that for anyone to be productive and live an emotionally healthy life, your state of mind is very important. Imagine trying to play and share a game(Nintendo Lite, PS4, XBOX etc) on a Big screen with a lovely fellow of yours and you suddenly discovered you don't have the cables or connectors to do that? Oops! that is a bummer!, Imagine your got your new iPhone or Tablet so happy and proud and want to show everyone, then suddenly it drops and shatters, or have that scratch which is beyond repair, Oops! that is a Bummer! Imagine, you are working a a new project like trying to connect your devices or program your car, why not?  and you suddenly discovered  you don't have the tools for that, Oops! that is a Bummer!, and a lot more cases like that.  What if you have a new idea for a tool and that tool does not exist anywhere, can't find it on Amazon, Walmart etc, can anyone make it for you? Yes We Can!
We strive to prevent BUMMER situations. We want you to get stuff done and be happy and proud of yourself, your life! Yes, why not?


As much as we like talking business, we also like talking empathy! As they say in Liverpool FC, You will never walk alone, neither will we.

We pride ourselves in helping prevent BUMMER situations in everyday lives of people especially kids who have experienced the same challenges in life that we have e.g no money for good skill development books or programs, no money to afford 3 square meals a day, want to study advanced technology but have no means, money, contact, who can help you? This is where we step in. We help solve issues like this all over the world partnering with other educational and humanitarian organizations in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. 

For every item you shop from us, 10% of the proceeds go to providing sponsorship for a kid in one of these areas to help make their lives better and prevent even worst BUMMER situations that crowed their lives on the daily basis.

Your contributions matter, Help us and together we can make the world and much  better and happier place for us all.

Norbert Tambe, CEO XIBUZZ